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Why do Businesses Need an SEO Specialist?
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If you own a business, then you might be thinking of hiring an SEO Specialist in the Philippines, and you might be confused about whether to hire an SEO expert in Phillippines or not. In this post, I am going to tell you 12 reasons why your business needs an SEO expert

Firstly, you should know what exactly SEO means, so here is a quick definition of SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means optimizing your site for search engines, doing organic SEO, so you rank above any other site. The only goal of SEO is to rank your website #1 on search engines like Google.

As you know, many businesses are going online day by day and competition has increased now and so ranking on search engines has become even harder than it was in the past.

SEO is a way to tell search engines which site deserves to get higher rankings. So, it is important to make your site SEO optimized.

Why Does Your Business Need an SEO Expert?

Here are some reasons by which you can find why your business needs an SEO expert.

1. Increase Your Website Rankings

Optimizing your site for search engines is a key to ranking #1 and beating your competition. Higher rankings will result in more traffic, and more traffic will result in more sales.

Every single search begins with a keyword search and thinks if you rank at the top for that keyword, this is a clear win.

Imagine your site is ranking for a keyword with 1 million monthly searches, then think how much monthly traffic you will be getting. Most people click the first result; they don’t even check the below rankings.

You will get away with more traffic by ranking #1 than ranking #3.

An SEO specialist knows how to achieve this goal in such a manner that it does not leave a bad impact on your sites like spammy links, light-weighted keywords, plagiarism or duplicate content, PBN, or more.

2. Increase in Sales

If you have higher traffic, then the probability of people buying your product or services increases because more people are visiting your site.

There are simple maths, the more traffic, the more sales.

A small investment in an expert will help you save time, increase traffic, and most importantly increase earnings.

3. Beat Competition

I asked many people why their sites are not ranking, and the answer common was because of high competition. It is possible that your site is not generating sales because of this reason.

But, an SEO specialist can beat your competition and can take their sales and make the sales yours.

An SEO specialist in the Philippines will find out what your competitors are doing and what they are not doing (weakness), and the expert will work on what they are not doing.

The SEO Expert Philippines will also help you to find out better, less competitive keywords that are worth targeting to get more sales.

4. Will Prevent You from Waste Time and Save Money

SEO is complicated and time taking, but an SEO specialist will do it for you in the least time because he/she knows how to do it. If you start doing SEO yourself, it will take a lot of time, and then you will not be able to focus on other works.

Many Companies Pay a lot of money to Google to rank their website for specific keywords. But, you’ll get ranked on Google without paying it. Google charges a big amount of money to rank someone on top, but you are getting that job done by paying someone a couple of dollars.

5. Long-Lasting

SEO is a time-taking technique that will bring you long-time advantages. It noticeably affects your business. You likely heard or perhaps you’ve posed yourself this inquiry: “To what extent will it take me to get positioned #1 for my watchwords?”. I’ve seen bunches of entrepreneurs and organizations that turn over making site improvement and, following a month or two, they surrender and state “SEO doesn’t work” or “We didn’t get the outcomes we expected to legitimize the expense.”

If you start another site, realize that you’ll get brings about roughly 6 to a year. It may appear to be a significant timeframe for a few, yet whenever done accurately, it will keep your site on SERP, and the outcomes you get can keep going for quite a long time. This can have high SEO significance for independent companies that are attempting to succeed.

On the off chance that you have had a business for quite a while, at that point, you realize that it is so crucial to keep your portfolio and create transformations. Getting viewed in search is an incredible resource for accomplishing results. Organic SEO can help you by offering visibility in SERP and a short time later with fiscal outcomes, yet you need to put resources into it – time and cash.

There are heaps of elements that ought to be thought about when we consider SEO. You need skill and an attainable arrangement to make SEO progress.

6. Organic Traffic is the Most Targeted Traffic

Organic SEO Traffic is many times the primary traffic of a site. Organic Traffic is the most targeted traffic because the person is looking for the services provided by your business.

If you run Facebook ads, then your ad will be shown to a person who is not interested in your products or services as well. Example: I own an eCommerce site that sells shoes, and if I run Facebook ads or any other ad campaign then my ads will also be shown to a person who doesn’t want to buy shoes.

If my site ranks number one for keywords like ‘best shoes’, then the person typing this in the browser wants to buy shoes that’s why he/she typed in that search term, and the person will click my results.

An SEO specialist can make your site rank number one for this kind of keyword.

7. SEO is Better Than SEM

If you don’t know what SEM is, then here’s a quick definition. SEM stands for Search engine marketing in which a person pays search engines to rank their website.

SEO is cheaper than SEM because search engines charge a lot of money in comparison to SEO specialists.

SEO will last for a long time, and paid ads will work according to your budget. The more money you have, the better results you’ll get.

SEO is long-lasting, cheaper, and more effective than paid advertisements.SEO converts more effectively than SEM, but people don’t want to invest in it because at first, it charges a lot, but it is worth it.

To go for a cheaper solution, people use paid ads and slowly-slowly invest in paid ads away more than SEO.

8. SEO Builds Trust

In 2019 SEO certainly means trust and believability like never before, with the most recent movement to HTTPS. That implies the objective of SEO ought to be to assemble trust and validity to Google, to the client. Client experience and SEO together mean business achievement. In the days of yore of SEO, it was less complex to rank by taking all kinds of alternate ways. Presently, the web client plays one of the most important jobs. You have to know your intended interest groups well overall and to fuel their intrigue for your image to construct authority. That way, you’ll have the chance to evaluate your promoting endeavors.

Everyone needs traffic, trust, and believability, yet not many individuals genuinely realize that UX is associated with this procedure. On the off chance that you gain trust and validity, your site will win authority. However, the authority doesn’t come simple. Furthermore, for that, you have to offer important data, have a spotless and simple to-utilize site. It requires some investment, tolerance, exertion to make your group of spectators trust your image and the substance you give. Each business development needs UX in its lead age technique.

Web architecture, for example, simple route and instinctive webpage structure are a beginning stage for making easy-to-use sites. It is critical to have applicable substance and depiction for each area of your menu and each page that you have. Communicate in the language of the client and don’t attempt to change the wheel on the regular pipe process; generally, the client will feel bewildered.

Viable SEO depends on three columns: authority, importance, and trust. Google has something many refer to as the Trust Factor, which is a blend of bunches of components that compute how trustful a site is. The more trustful a site is, the more probable articles will be positioned higher on Google. A site is viewed as less trustful because it has hurtful as well as has low-quality substance.

9. SEO Always Gets Updated

It’s extraordinary to have SEO strategies executed on a brand’s site and over its computerized properties, yet on the off chance that it’s a transient commitment (spending imperatives, and so on.) and the site isn’t reconsidered reliably after some time, it will arrive at a limit where it can never again improve due to different hindrances.

The manner in which the inquiry world develops, fundamentally at the circumspection of Google, requires steady checking for changes to remain in front of the challenge and, ideally, on Page 1.

Being proactive and checking for significant calculation changes is continually going to profit the brands doing as such.

We realize Google (the biggest search engine) makes a huge number of calculations changes a year. Fall a long way excessively behind, and it will be very hard to return. SEO experts help to guarantee that is maintained a strategic distance from.

What will an SEO expert Do?

If you hire a Remote SEO specialist, he/she can do various things to optimize your site and get it ranked. He/She can improve your rankings, optimize your site and help you write SEO-friendly content.

Every Expert has a different perspective of SEO, and some think link building while others think writing SEO-friendly content is a key to rank # 1.

Here are some things that an SEO expert can do.

Link Building

According to Google backlinks or link building, also called off-page SEO techniques are the biggest factor to rank #1 on any search engine. Your SEO expert will make some quality backlinks for your site through various link-building methods.

A backlink means any other site pointing to your IP address or simply referring to your site in their article. If you have already established the business, then you might get most of your links naturally, but it would be hard for a new site to get links.

Some of the common Link Building Techniques are:-

• Guest Posting
• Email outreach
• Broken Link Building
• Social Bookmarking

Improving User Experience

Users are King, and their experience is very important as a bad user experience can hurt your site. Your SEO expert will optimize your site for users as well, which will impact your rankings. Because search engines want to rank relevant and user-friendly articles only.

He/she can improve the user’s experience by making your site load faster by doing On-Page SEO techniques, adding relevant images, doing internal link building, making your site look better.


Article submission or submitting your website to search engines is very important. As, if search engines will not know about your site then how they’ll rank it.

An SEO expert will do that for you. He/she will go to various article submission sites and will provide a link to your article.

Although crawlers can naturally crawl your site, SEO Specialist Philippines can speed up the process by doing this.

An SEO specialist can also do other tasks as well, but these were some common things that an SEO expert does. It depends on the SEO expert on what services he/she provide.

Following are some other services that an SEO specialist provides:

Keyword Research
• On-Page SEO
• Technical Analysis
• Analyze Competitor’s site
• Local SEO
• Improve Website’s Speed
• Improve Bounce Back Rate
• Check on Grammatical errors
• Integrate Social Media
• Internal Linking
• Send you Reports
• Check for Errors, Redirects
• Analyze web traffic
• Improve CTR (Click Through Rate)
• A/B Testing
• SEO Audit


We hope you enjoyed our blog about why businesses need an SEO specialist. As an SEO specialist and marketing expert, it is my duty to help businesses get the exposure they deserve. With a good SEO specialist, every business can gain more customers and clients. If you need an SEO expert to boost your website’s online presence, you can find me on Fiverr. Thank you for reading!

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